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Universal, massive aluminium holder system with ball joint, mounting flange and vacuum cups.

The aluminium ball joint holder SL10XH-K offers the basic functions needed to mount a display. A holder plate is used for a solid adaptation to the StarLight10X or the SunLight12X display. With the mounting pyramids, ball joints can be adapted in several ways. Additionally, the mounting pyramids can be fixed to a flat plane and to a vertical pipe. For temporary attachment to the front shield, vacuum cups can be utilized.
Particular features
  • Wide angle of display orientation with 0904 ball joint
  • Flexible solution which can be re-used in many projects
  • Pyramids with 1/4 inch threads on 5 useable sides
  • Mounting plate which offers up to 26 different positions for fixing a pyramid at different angles
  • Additional opportunity for fixing video equipment and cameras
  • Easy-to-use flange with 4 holes each 5 mm diameter, square hole layout 64 x 64 mm
  • Aluminium black anodized
Order Data: 1EMSL10XH-K

The Nickl SunLight12X is designed for the research and development of automobile manufacturers and those suppliers. It is able to display colour images within the whole range of graphics standards such as DOS text modes, VGA, SVGA...

At the development of the Nickl StarLight series all experiences made with the SunLight series are collected. Then the main features of them are inherited in order to offer a very cost-effective display....