Visualization in a research aircraft

TFT display as mobile R&D tool

The input voltage range of 9..36V and the galvanic isolation, enabling direct connection to the 28V on-board voltage of the high altitude research aircraft. Pressure and climatic chamber tests were also successfully completed. Bright, compact and robust displays are high quality tools in research and development in the automotive industry. A wide range of display sizes and variants allows a tailored solution for a wide range of requirements.

Aircraft cockpit study with displays

Vehicle display as monitor

Six large-format TFT displays and touch screens were specifically addressed in a flight simulator project, which demonstrates how a plane cockpit of the future might look. Original / OEM vehicle displays with good resolution are switchable for the use as a computer monitor. No disturbing superstructures and no potential for injury are present in the vehicle interior.


High-tech TFT displays for high-tech-applications within research and development departments are from Nickl Elektronik-Entwicklung GmbH. Bright. Compact. Robust. At the starting point, the first edition of the SunLight10 display had 230 cd/m² brightness which was a high-brightness feature at that former times. Now we are proud to have up to 1.500 cd/m² by keeping our well-known compact size.

Car Imaging

In the automotive Research and Development it is often necessary to display data from a computer in the car. If there is already a central information display or a navigation display within the vehicle, it is obvious to use that display for visualizing data. Since the display interfaces are different from model to model, the ImageCutter and car specific ImageHubs were created.


Display interfaces for VGA- & DVI(HDMI)- & CVBS- & S-Video- input signals especially designed to control TFT display panels in embedded applications.


For the converting of video signals SD Video converter and for isolation the video isolator...


For research and development in the automotive sector, an Ethernet IEEE 802.3 network star distributor (HUB) is available...

Power management

Intelligent Power Switches for gracefully turning on and off PCs inside vehicles...


Versatile mounting assistants and components, such as ball joints and vacuum cups for the mounting of displays...

Cable and adaptor

The accessories include cables and adaptors...