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The ImageHub30-PCM31 can drive a integrated PCM 3.1-/Navi- display in Porsche vehicles with PC graphics and video signals in combination with a ImageCutter30. For this a ImageHub30-PCM31 draws from the ImageCutter30 a vehicle display tailored signal, according the timing and format, and feeds it digitally inside the PCM 3.1 unit. For security reasons it can switch between the fed and the original display to show emergency messages.

The ImageHub30-PCM31 has been developed precisely for installation inside the PCM 3.1 and draw power from this unit. To integrate the ImageHub30-PCM31, please send us the PCM 3.1 unit.

The transmission of signals from the ImageCutter30 to the ImageHub30 is via standard patch cables. The signals are transmitted AC coupled to compensate possible ground loops and voltage differences.
Particular features
  • Multiplexing between original image and PC/Video image
  • DC De-coupling of ImageHub30 and ImageCutter30
  • Obtains supply from ImageCutter30
Order Data: 1EMIH30-PCM31

Selected configuration:

Vehicle Display unit
Model: Porsche Boxster
Type: 981

Time frame: 2012...2014
Name: PCM 3.1
Display size: 7"
Resolution: 800 x 480 pxl
Technology: IH30 inside Navi (digital RGB)

Cable from ImageCutter to ImageHub:

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