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The ImageCutter120 can adjust a variety of input signals e.g. regarding the timing to control vehicle integrated displays. With the appropriate ImageHub120 that can be fed into for the vehicle display.
For this purpose the PC input signal is selectively cut, extended, stretched or compressed to achieve the required vehicle-resolution. A WXGA signal with 1440x900 (16:10) dots coming from the PC, will be tailored e.g. to 1440x540 pixels (8: 3) to achieve a pixel-accurate representation of this section.

The DVI and VGA inputs of ImageCutter120 are galvanically separeted from the PC video signals in order to avoid ground loops - this is ideal for measurement applications. The transmission of high-resolution video signals from a ImageCutter120 to a ImageHub120 is achieved via an RF cable with automotive HSD 4 + 2 connectors.

The ImageCutter120 features a compact aluminum enclosure and can be accommodated in the luggage compartment and the even smaller ImageHub120 beside the vehicle display.
Particular features
  • Galvanically separated DVI / HDMI and VGA input
  • Adaptation to vehicle interfaces with matching ImageHub120
  • Research and development of automotive applications with 12V or 24V DC-Bordnetzen
Order Data: 1EMIC120

Documentation: Data Sheet