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A balcony power plant is a mini solar system that is simply plugged into the power grid of the house or apartment itself.

As a rule, the electricity generated from the balcony power plant is consumed directly in one's own household - because there are stand-by devices and "endurance runners" in almost every household that constantly consume electricity. These are e.g. TV/radio, Internet/WLAN rounter, refrigerator, heating incl. circulation pump, etc.

In the rare event that a surplus actually arises, the electricity is fed into the public grid without remuneration. However, the simplified registration with the electricity supplier applies.

Thanks to the large 900Wp (2x 450Wp) solar module power, power generation is possible even in diffuse weather conditions.

The investment in your own Mini Solar 600W balcony power plant has already paid for itself after 3..5 years, as the electricity cost savings amount to about 400 € per year. And the trend is rising.

The set does not include mechanical brackets and there is no assembly on site.
  • 2x 450Wp solar modules of the latest technology
  • Monocrystalline solar modules with 144 half-cells
  • Proven "hoymiles" inverter 600W for the 2x solar modules each 450Wp
  • High MPPT nominal efficiency of the inverter of 99.80%
  • Complete with all electrical plugs, sockets, connection cables, etc.
  • Presentation & brief briefing of the electrical structure in function at pick-up
  • IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE, collection within 7 working days for cash payment
  • Electricity production for own use (Island operation only possible with additional components)
Order Data: 1SoMS600W-SET

WHY THIS Mini Solar 600W - balcony power plant?

+ All electrical parts are expertly assembled for the set.
+ For your pick-up, the balcony power plant will be completely set up, Demonstrated the function and gave you tips for your installation and commissioning.
+ It is IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE, pick-up is possible within 7 working days with cash payment.

! Limited quantity !


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