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The Nickl Versatile TFT Interface VTI-A2 was especially designed to control TFT displays in embedded applications. It is capable to generate almost all output timings allowing the user to realize a lot of applications. For example a small 16:9 TFT with unusual timings can be implemented in a show car to demonstrate future visions by utilizing a standard PC or Notebook. The adaption in format and resolution is done by zooming, shrinking and cropping. Also the frame rate is converted by storing up to two frames in a 6 MByte SDRAM. For special cases, the image may be rotated by 180° or flipped horizontally or vertically.
Compared to standard interface boards, the embedded VTI concept allows adaption to application specific connectors etc. via your base board. In addition, the system dimension can be reduced and robustness can be improoved by avoiding cables.
The integrated touch screen controller allows using a resitive 4-wire or 8-wire sensor.
  • Equipment for show cars
  • Creating multi media systems
  • Building video monitors for NTSC, PAL and SECAM
Particular features
  • Adaptable to end applications
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Documentation: Data Sheet