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The MouseGatewayCAN1 MGC1 allows the use of original existing controls inside a vehicle also as an input device for a computer. This is possible for different vehicle buttons or touch rotary press attenuators @ CAN, E.g. steering wheel buttons or Comand/iDrive/MMI touch controller at a Routing or Monitoring mode.

The inputs E.g. on the touch rotary press attenuator can still transfered at the vehicle CAN bus to the original control unit or after switching exclusively (Routing) transfered to the computer via USB port. The switching can be carried out via external switch or with a buttons shortcut.

By MouseGatewayCAN1 MGC1 also CAN messages can be generated and sent cyclically.

Alternatively you can read (Monitoring) free, untapped or other buttons at vehicle-CAN, E.g. buttons on the steering wheel, and sent to the computer as keyboard input via USB port. In this case the original CAN messages remain always unchanged.

All functions can be configured with the MG-config software tool. While a number of the keyboard or the mouse pointer functions can be assigned to each CAN signals. Thus every user may at any time make the adjustment to the input device on the CAN bus and also of the PC control.

In addition, the MouseGatewayCAN1 MGC1 can communicate with an ImageHub120 to enable also the image from a computer on the CID vehicle display. The MGC1 trigger output alternatively allows to control a ImageCutter30 or external hardware at switching.

The MouseGatewayCAN1 MGC1 enables ergonomic control of virtually all computer systems in vehicles such as E.g. for notebooks, computer with an external displays and also for ImageCutter/Hub systems for CID vehicle displays.
  • for measurement technology and PC systems in vehicles with 12V, 24V or 28V DC on-board network
Particular features
  • For different vehicle buttons or touch / rotary push actuators @ CAN, e.g. steering wheel buttons or Comand/iDrive/MMI Touch Controller at a Routing or Monitoring connection
  • For many PC operating systems as Mouse+Keyboard @ USB or newer OS as Touchpad+Keyboard @ USB
  • Simple connection to the computer without driver installation, since Mouse+Keyboard features - and if possible Touchpad+Keyboard features - will be originally used from Windows/Linux
  • Mouse functions: pointer + left and right click/double click + vertical scrolling with two fingers
  • Touchpad functions: like Mouse functions + two finger zoom + horizontal scrolling
  • Additional control function by selectable key/button shortcut, e.g. for switching between original and PC function
  • Communication interface to the ImageHub120, to enable / disable the display of an external image signal via ImageCutter120
  • A variety of keyboard or mouse functions must to be assigned to individual CAN signals with the MG-Config software tool and transfered to the MGC1 via USB by yourself
  • NO loose or visible PC input devices in the vehicle interior
Order Data: 1EMMGC1

Vehicle interface CAN @ [1M, 500k, 250k, 125k]Bit/s + more customizable baud rates up to 1MBit/s
Operating mode Routing: 2x CAN ports
Monitoring: 1x CAN port
Output and interface for configuration USB
Power Supply 9..36 V
Power Supply Features galvanic de-coupling
Typ. Current Consumption typ. 60mA @ Vin=12VDC
Housing Aluminium, black anodized
Dimensions 83 mm x 69 mm x 28 mm