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The "SunLight6V-T" TFT display has been developed for mobile applications in testing and monitoring vehicles. The focus was on small dimensions, touchscreen operation and the standard VGA resolution. The very bright, easy-to-read display is especially suitable for measuring technology tasks, since it is ready to display computer VGA- or DVI(HDMI)-signals, can be operated via touchscreen and it is easily integrated into the vehicle.

Due to the unique interface technology, in the case of input resolutions not equal to VGA (640x480) a user-selected, free image section through an excellent scaling/zooming function -the "Display Magnifier"- can be enlarged, stretched and also pixel-accurately displayed. The TFT background illumination can be widely dimmed for optimum readability in the dark.

The lightweight, very compact "SunLight6V-T" display can be mounted well in the range of the vehicle A-pillar or the center console with the provided fastening possibilities.
Particular features
  • Brightness up to 700cd/m²
  • Wide Supply voltage range 9..36 V, galvanically isolated
  • Inputs for computer and video with user-friendly switching
  • DVI input (HDMI compatible, HDMI to DVI cable available)
  • VGA input via DVI-I connector (VGA to DVI cable available)
  • USB interface for resistive touch panel
  • Small dimensions: (166 x 126 x 30) mm³
  • Variable adjustable low-voltage-warning displayable
  • Research and development (R&D) inside testing vehicles with 12V, 24V or 28V DC on-board network
  • Display panel and operating device at mobile measurement applications
Order Data: 1EMSL6V-T

The >>display-lens<<

In most cases, a relatively high resolution is desired for a display, but for this the display is mostly large and less integrable. A smart solution here is the unique >>display magnifier<< which is possible by setting via the display menu and activated with a display key combination.

With its electronic "display-lens" it is possible to get any display window with any user-defined magnification. Once only adjusted, then easily can be toggled with the two push-buttons "Enter + Adjust" from the original frame to the adjusted "lens" window, and vice verca.

HANDLING: push the Enter-button first and keep pushed, direct after it push the Adjust-button additionally