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For the mobile measurement engineering and survillance purposes the Nickl StarLight6V was developed. The main focus was the standard VGA resolution, very compact outer dimensions and a bright display. This allows easy car-integration and it can be directly connected to the VGA output of a measurement PC.

VGA signals can be displayed natively. Resolutions up to XGA can be either shrank down to 640x480 or a region of 640x480 dots can be dumped natively. Moreover an arbitrary sub-region can be zoomed out to full-screen with the built-in magnifier function. Video signals such as PAL, NTSC and SECAM can also be displayed. The wide dimming range of the backlight allows operation at night and at bright environments.

The light-weight Nickl StarLight6V-T can be easily mounted through M4 threads and the available accessories. Its compact height allows mounting the device in a double-height DIN radio slot.
Particular features
  • Two brightness levels via external signal switchable
  • Touch-Sensor, resistive
  • Wide Supply voltage range 9..36 V
  • Compact VGA-TFT-display
  • for measurement technology and PC systems in vehicles with 12V, 24V or 28V DC on-board network
Order Data: 1EMST6V-T

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