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Supported Models

The vehicle model, the type of vehicle and the annual data are the best possible information for the rough orientation.

For an existing vehicle display, the following table can be used to determine the type of ImageCutter, the associated ImageHub, the cables and the configuration file.
Other similar vehicle displays can also be pixel precisely controlled due to configuration or adaptation development.

Since the display equipment and technology for a vehicle model can vary depending on the customer order, construction/model year and model maintenance, we ask for the 4 crucial information in case of an offer request:
1) the display name, 2) the diagonal, 3) the resolution and 4) the display technology.
If the display technology cannot be learned from the vehicle manufacturer, we ask for photos and the description and pin count of all connection plugs on the rear of the display and the connection cable to the control unit to advise you.

Upon receipt of the offer, we ask for a close check on the match and thus the suitability of the offered positions for the existing vehicle display.

Vehicle Display unit
Model: Rolls-Royce Ghost Wraith
Type: RR5

Time frame: 2013...
Name: CID
Display size: 10.25"
Resolution: 1280 x 480 pxl
Technology: NBT (APIX1)
Model: Rolls-Royce Ghost
Type: RR4

Time frame: 2009...
Name: CID
Display size: 10.25"
Resolution: 1280 x 480 pxl
Technology: NBT (APIX1)

Annual details are in the best possible way determined data for rough orientation.
If you call for offers, please let us know the car model, year of production, size and model of the display (photo), a description (photo) of the connector for the control unit and/or the display.
Please review accurately all items of the offer because we usually produce just by ordering.

Beside the video cable , which is either a VGA-cable or a DVI cable, you may need an RS-232 cable for configuring and controlling the ImageCutter30. Additionally, you need a power supply cable or connector for the ImageCutter30.