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Each ImageHub120 can control original integrated drive displays in vehicles together with the ImageCutter120 with standard DVI / HDMI and VGA image data. For this the ImageHub120 gets from a ImageCutter120 a tailored signal, regarding the specific display timing and format, and feeds it into the vehicle interface. There is a choice of the feed-in and the original display signal to show emergency messages and also to offer the original functionality.

The ImageHub120 receives its power from the ImageCutter120 and can also be supplied for looping the original signals without ImageCutter120, via the "Alternative Power In" input.

The small ImageHub120 is usually housed near the vehicle display and is looped into the original vehicle cable connection with an additional similar cable between the vehicle ECU and the vehicle display.
Particular features
  • Suitable for both HeadUnit display variants: SingleView & SplitView
  • Multiplexing between original image and PC/Video image
  • DC De-coupling of ImageHub120 and ImageCutter120
  • Obtains supply from ImageCutter120
  • Additional "Alternative Power In" input for a exclusive control unit operation without a ImageCutter120
Order Data: 1EMIH120-DC006

Selected configuration:

Vehicle Display unit
Model: Daimler S-Klasse
Type: W222

Time frame: 2013...
Name: Comand
Display size: 12.3"
Resolution: 1440 x 540 pxl
Technology: NTG5 (GMSL)

Cable from ImageCutter to ImageHub:
Cable either from control unit to ImageHub
or from ImageHub to display unit:

The ImageCutter120 can adjust a variety of input signals e.g. regarding the timing to control vehicle integrated displays. With the appropriate ImageHub120 that can be fed into for the vehicle display....

ImageCutter120 (IC120) -to- ImageHub120 (all variants IH120-xxx) interconnection cable, high frequency line with 2x black 4+2-pin HSD-female connectors with straight cable outlet....

NTG5/GMSL cable to loop into a ImageHub between a NTG5 control unit and a NTG5-Headunit display e.g. a 12.3" display with 1440x540 pixel. The cable has two blue 4-pin HSD sockets, 180° "straight" for the connection at the display...