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FPD-Link III cable to loop into a ImageHub between a MIB2 control unit and a MIB2-High display e.g. a 12.3" display with 1440x540 pixel. The cable has a brown 4-pin HSD socket, 180° "straight" for the connection at the display and a blue-grey 4-pin HSD socket, 90° "cable-up" for the connection at the MIB2 control unit. The length is L=1m. For integration the original cable of the car can be unpluged at the MIB2 control unit or at the display.
Order number: 1EZKA-RB4FsRB4G90cu-1

Each ImageHub120 can control original integrated drive displays in vehicles together with the ImageCutter120 with standard DVI / HDMI and VGA image data. For this the ImageHub120 gets from a ImageCutter120 a tailored signal, regar...