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The IPS60 can be used intelligently to supply the power of measuring technology and computers in three operating modes and with freely definable state machines.

In each operating mode, the measuring equipment with the low voltage drop can be switched on and off via CAN and control signal plus with the IPS60 button, as well as the voltage and the configurable current limit can be monitored and also the shutdown control of a computer via USB or RS-232 interface.

1) In the Normal mode, this is done with a single IPS60.
2) In the Port Expansion mode, this is done with several IPS60s in order to obtain several measurement technology or computer segments.
In Backup Power Supply mode, two IPS60s can provide a continuous power supply, even if the primary voltage source collapses or is discharged.

In addition, each IPS60 has a three-digit status display, a buzzer and powerful GPIO inputs and outputs for connecting external switches/buttons or relays.

The flow control via state machine can be freely created with the corresponding StateEdit2 program for Windows™ with many examples or can be easily adapted using a established state machine. In the StateEdit2 debugging environment, this can be analyzed in detail in a single step or in real time.

The IPS60 is a compact unit that can intelligently replace relays, a 1A...60A fuse and manual switches while far superior. The display of the current switching current, the supply voltage and the state of the flow control are particularly practical.
  • Switch output up to 60A via high current connectors @ 8..54VDC
  • Configurable current and voltage monitoring
  • CAN interface for status or for switching on/off (also via ENABLE signal)
  • Shutdown a computer via USB or RS-232 interface
  • Port Expansion with max. 11 IPS60 = 11 power outputs, 77 GPIOs, 11 USB/RS232 @ 1 state machine
  • Backup Power Supply Operating mode with two IPS60s to protect against supply failure
  • Three-digit 7-segment display for current, voltage and states
  • Adapting or free creation of the flow control and analysis via StateEdit2 software
  • for measurement technology and PC systems in vehicles with 12V, 24V, 28V or 48V DC on-board network
  • Intelligent control of high-current on-board grid consumers in the motorsport development sector
Order Data: 1EMIPS60

Power On/Off the Power Output by, or combining:
● CAN message
● Control input ENABLE
● IPS60 button
● External button
● GPIN input
● Timer or Variable value change e.g. Input Voltage
Shutdown signaling via USB or RS232, can be activated in any state of the state machine
Shutdown protocol HID device via USB, no driver required
UPS simple protocol via RS232, from Windows 7® IpsService required
Programming interface USB
Controls Button with LED
Summer for acoustic warning signals
3-digit 7-segment display for current, voltage and status
Connectors POWER IN High current plug 2-pole
POWER OUT High current plug 2-pole
CAN D-Sub-9 male
BPS D-Sub-9 male - for Backup Power Supply
GPIO D-Sub-9 female - for 3 GPINs and 4 GPODs (open drain outputs)
CTRL D-Sub-9 female - for ENABLE, ext. KEY, Buzzer and LED
RS232 D-SUB-9 Female - for PC shutdown or IPS60 info
USB Mini Type B - for PC shutdown and IPS60 programming
Switching/Supply voltage 8..54..VDC
Switching Current max. 60A @ Ta=25°C
Quiescent Current Standby typ: 0,25mA @ 12VDC / 1,33mA @ 54VDC, Ta=25°C
Operating max: 230mA @ 12VDC / 77mA @ 54VDC, Ta=25°C
ENABLE signal input 0V < Low < 1.4V / 4.5V < High < 54V
Case Aluminum, silver anodized, with two-sided mounting flange
Dimensions 164 mm x 130 mm x 27 mm
Operating/storage Temperature -30..+75°C when mounted on heat-dissipating surface
Mass 520 g