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The Nickl Intelligent Power Switch IPS-STE was designed to start and to gracefully shut down a computer with one control signal.

For example, it allows to control up to two computers via the ignition key or the centralized door locking system. The computer can be powered-up if the engineer opens the centralized door locking and it can be shut-down and powered-down when the engineer leaves the car. Up to two computers can be controlled, such as a real-time and a visualizing computer.

The Nickl IPS is available either as complete control box with MIL-C-5015 connectors or Lemo connectors or as a single PCB which can be mounted in a existent computer-rack.

Due to its capability to switch up to 30 A and its wide operating voltage range, it is able to switch almost all DC power supplies of computers in a R&D vehicle.
  • Controls up to two Computers
  • Acoustic signal before Power-Cutting
  • MOSFET-Switch, no loose Parts
  • Supply voltage monitoring prevents complete Battery Discharge
  • Powering, Booting, Shut-Down and Power-Cutting with one Control Line or a Switch Button
  • In cars with PC-systems
Order Data: 1EMIPS-STE

Documentation: Data Sheet
Drivers & Tools: StateEdit tool
IpsService Windows service

Instruction Upload/Host-mode

For the Upload/Host-mode the IPS-STE have to be powered permanently, this is possible with a 12VDC supply at the "Input" (MIL-connector, round) and at the input "Control - pin: Enable" (D-Sub 9 connector). For the latter this can be done by shortening the "Enable (pin 1)" with "VINR (pin 5) at the "Control"-connector (D-Sub 9). For activating the Upload/Host-mode it is necessary to push and hold the "Power" button before feeding the 12VDC power, then supply the 12VDC voltage and after it release the "Power" button - now the IPS-STE Upload/Host-mode is active.
The upload itself will be done with "Run". For more informations please have a look to the manual, chapter 3.6 Upload and Debugging on the real IPS-STE (page 19).