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The Nickl Intelligent Power Switch IPS-STE was designed to start and to gracefully shut down a computer with one control signal.

For example, it allows to control up to two computers via the ignition key or the centralized door locking system. The computer can be powered-up if the engineer opens the centralized door locking and it can be shut-down and powered-down when the engineer leaves the car. Up to two computers can be controlled, such as a real-time and a visualizing computer.

The Nickl IPS is available either as complete control box with MIL-C-5015 connectors or Lemo connectors or as a single PCB which can be mounted in a existent computer-rack.

Due to its capability to switch up to 30 A and its wide operating voltage range, it is able to switch almost all DC power supplies of computers in a R&D vehicle.
  • Controls up to two Computers
  • Acoustic signal before Power-Cutting
  • MOSFET-Switch, no loose Parts
  • Supply voltage monitoring prevents complete Battery Discharge
  • Powering, Booting, Shut-Down and Power-Cutting with one Control Line or a Switch Button
  • In cars with PC-systems
Order Data: 1EMIPS-STE

For the construction of the power input:
For the construction of the output cable:
RS-232 control cord to the computer:
For the CONTROL input (ENABLE signal):
The MIL-C-5015 round socket, 4-pin, 7/8 inch, D: 20 mm, can be used for the construction of a power cord for the intelligent power switch IPS-STE. The power supply cable leads to the input of the IPS-STE from the supply source, e....

The MIL-C-5015 round pin plug, 4-pin, 7/8 inch, D: 20 mm, is used for the construction of an output cable for the intelligent power switch IPS-STE. The output cable from the output of the IPS-STE leads to consumers, e.g. the measu...

The RS232 is one of the oldest computer interfaces at all, the beginnings date back to the 60s. Nevertheless, RS232 cable or Serial cables are still used today for service and configuration connections. RS232 cables are available ...