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Measurement technology or DC consumers can usually be easily switched on and off in the vehicle. But a simple abrupt switching off of a computer risks its data set repeatedly.

In addition to measuring technology, the intelligent power switch IPS-STE was designed to switch on, shut down and switch off in a controlled manner with a control signal.

The IPS-STE allows, for example, to switch on measuring equipment and up to two computers by means of a control signal, e.g. derived from the ignition signal or from the central lock, and shut down and switch off again via the RS-232/COM interface.

As a compact flat unit, the IPS-STE is available with widely used D-Sub-9 connectors for control/signal connectors and robust MIL-C-5015 connectors for the current path.

With its switching capacity of up to 30A with only approx. 0.1V low voltage drop and a permissible input voltage range of 7..36VDC, the IPS-STE is far superior to a relay or contactor.
  • Switch capability of up to 30A via MIL connectors @ 7..36VDC
  • Low voltage drop of only about 0.1V at 30A
  • MOSFET-Switch, no loose Parts
  • Configurable supply voltage monitoring prevents battery discharge
  • Shutdown up to two computers via RS-232 interface (COM port)
  • Acoustic signal before Power-Cutting
  • Powering, Booting, Shut-Down and Power-Cutting with one Control Line or a Switch Button
  • StateEdit software for freely created state machines or for adapting the established state machine
  • for measurement technology and PC systems in vehicles with 12V, 24V or 28V DC on-board network
Order Data: 1EMIPS-STE

Power-On Power-up via
a) rising edge on control input, qualification time 1s
b) pressing button at least for 1s
Power-Off Operating system shut-down via
a) falling edge on control input and 10s low-level
b) pressing button at least for 1s
Power-off after 2min
Protocol UPS simple protocol via RS-232
Controls 1x button for manually controlling
1x LED as status indicator
1x buzzer for acoustic warning signals
Connectors Input=header, output=receptacle, MIL-C-5015, style 3012, size 14S
Power Supply 7..36 V
Switching Current max. 30A @ Ta=25°C, with Lemo connectors max. 10A
Leakage Current typ 0,05 µA @ Vin=12V, Ta=25°C
Quiescent Current typ. 80mA @ Vin=12VDC, Ta=25°C
ENABLE signal input 0V < Low < 2V < High < 36V
Case Polystyrol, anthracite
Dimensions 110 mm x 39 mm x 117 mm
Operating Temperature 0..70°C
Storage Temperature -40..70°C
Mass 263 g